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Flip-lid bin has all the goodies, starting with home-baked cookies (snickerdoodles, and chocolate chip and chocolate-butterscotch chip bar cookies) in the top.
(Friday 22-Feb-2002)

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On the left and at the back you can see two squarish bins, a green box of cookies, and a clear plastic tub. There's Honey Nut Trader Joe's O's, "Butter Flavored Donut Cookie," Calypso Lime Tropical Cremes, and Droste Pastilles.
(Friday 22-Feb-2002)

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One tub has Quaker's version of Fruit Loops, little Keebler Fudge Shoppe cookies, and butter-rum lifesavers. Another tub has those "Donut Cookies," more butter-rum lifesavers, big "Kranzl" shortbread cookies, apple and peach gummy rings, and chocolate graham Flipz. And the bag has the box of Kranzl shortbread cookies, Ghiradelli chocolate-orange squares, Snoopy and Charlie Brown mints, packets of honey, pineapple slices, peanut butter, and wint-o-green lifesavers.
(Friday 22-Feb-2002)

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