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0851-01 (lost: bidkit15.jpg), 0851-02 (lost: bidkit14.jpg).
Turquoise and black "Zip Pouch #1" with two red-handled scissors and one small orange-handled scissors; Black pouch with pair of pliers, 4-tip screwdriver, and 3 plastic magnifying rulers.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2002)

0851-03 (lost: bidkit13.jpg), 0851-04 (lost: bidkit12.jpg).
Spool of green twine; Foot-operated pump in its box; Three sashes with various skill badges affixed to them; Sandwich-sized zip bag containing ten binder clips in two sizes;
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2002)

0851-05 (lost: bidkit11.jpg), 0851-06 (lost: bidkit10.jpg).
Cardboard tube containing two black-and-white skill badge posters; 2 royal-blue plastic serving bowls with brown handles; 4 medium-blue plastic serving bowls; Three red and three blue medium-sized plastic bowls; Credit card knucklebreaker; Yellow "L.A. in '06" banner; White-lid tub containing Time Travel skill badges; White-lid tub containing Space Cadet patches.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2002)

0851-07 (lost: bidkit09.jpg), 0851-08 (lost: bidkit08.jpg).
Plastic bag containing new sashes; Black plastic tri-fold brochure display stand; Big notebook; White-lid tub containing Astro-Navigation, Creative Mathematics, Interspecies Sex, and Piloting skill badges (Ran out of Robotics); White-lid tub containing Genetic Engineering skill badges; White-lid tub containing Teleportation skill badges.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2002)

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