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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to "TMI" for caption help on this page.

0850-01 (lost: bidkit01.jpg), 0850-02 (lost: bidkit02.jpg).
"L.A. in 2006" bid kit," all packed up.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2002)

0850-30850-03 (lost: bidkit03.jpg)
Sashes in the top pocket. They're in the wrong place. Only the two main compartments should be used.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2002)

0850-04 (lost: bidkit20.jpg), 0850-05 (lost: bidkit19.jpg), 0850-06 (lost: bidkit18.jpg), 0850-07 (lost: bidkit17.jpg).
Stuff at the bottom and at the back. Bag of tape: two rolls of clear mailing tape, one roll of scotch tape, one 2" roll and one standard (3/4"?) roll of masking tape, one roll of duct tape; Tub w/ green lid containing 5 knives; Silver-grey tub containing two can openers, pie server, four veg. peelers, two small knives; White-lid tub containing small calculator marked "Green," two post-it pads, one yellow and five green pencils, pencil sharpener, two sharpies, two yellow highlighters, three markers (green, red, black), and three ballpoint pens; White-lid tub containing tattoos and party stickers; White-lid tub containing many safety pins, 12 clothespins, 4 binder clips, and 8 small heavy-duty red and back electrical clips; Gallon-size zip bag containing 4 doorstops; Two terminal strips and one brown extension cord in the back pouch of the suitcase; Two white cutting boards, different sizes; Two shiny serving trays; White-lid tub containing Rocketship Repair skill badges.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2002)

0850-08 (lost: bidkit16.jpg), 0850-09 (lost: bidkit21.jpg).
4 royal-blue plastic serving trays with brown handles.
(Wednesday 20-Feb-2002)

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