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TMI forwarded a notice about a performance of the Ministry of Unknown Science, with SINdicate Dancers as the opening act. So we went. The place was "Theorylabs" ("In Theory, anything is possible") which is an industrial space rented by several members of Gigsville, down in "The Brewery" which is a new artists' colony in Los Angeles. (Not far from San Antonio Winery and a Metrolink rail yard.)

TMI estimates about a hundred people came to this event, which was a fundraiser to replace a videocamera that was stolen while on loan to the Ministry of Unknown Science. The word had gone out through various channels... one person quipped that you could tell who came from which group by how they were dressed. There was quite a cross-section of casual-dressed LASFS members and others, and artsy types in fancy duds, and less-easily classified interesting people.

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to "TMI" for caption help on this page.

0843-01 (lost: theory65.jpg), 0843-02 (lost: theory66.jpg).
Curious George in "B-2 Project Boogaloo" decorates the "front" door of Theorylabs. This is the Avenue 20 entrance.
(Friday 11-Jan-2002)

0843-30843-03 (lost: theory01.jpg)
Hurricane Linda, Lindalicious, and Noosha - three of the SINdicate dancers, outside the stage door... that is, outside the "back" door.
(Friday 11-Jan-2002)

0843-40843-04 (lost: theory02.jpg)
Sign says "No talking during the performance asshole."
(Friday 11-Jan-2002)

Chaz Boston Baden, Lynn Baden.
(Friday 11-Jan-2002)

0843-60843-06 (lost: theory05.jpg)
Scott Busman, Ingrid Oliansky.
(Friday 11-Jan-2002)

0843-70843-07 (lost: theory07.jpg)
Allie Johnson, "TMI."
(Friday 11-Jan-2002)

0843-80843-08 (lost: theory08.jpg)
Captain Elf on the left, standing with Jenn.
(Friday 11-Jan-2002)

0843-90843-09 (lost: theory09.jpg)
Jenna of Gigsville.
(Friday 11-Jan-2002)

0843-100843-10 (lost: theory06.jpg)
Chuck Homyak, at the sound board.
(Friday 11-Jan-2002)

0843-120843-12 (lost: theory11.jpg)
Chuck Homyak, Lawrence Fried.
(Friday 11-Jan-2002)

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