ISC-West Part 3, Las Vegas (05-Mar-2002)

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0775-10775-20775-01, 0775-02.
Flat panel display, in use at the Hilton. These are everywhere in Las Vegas! They're used as animated billboards. I've seen them outside restaurants, displaying the menu and the specials of the day. And so forth...
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)

0775-30775-40775-03, 0775-04.
Sometimes the screens are in "portrait" orientation. I caught this one in the middle of its change from one screen to another.
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)

The Las Vegas Convention Center is next door to the Las Vegas Hilton. There's an upper-level walkway to get from one to the other. At least five different trade shows were going on simultaneously, some of them with seminars in the Hilton. Here's a signboard for "NAMA Spring."
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)

I'd be willing to bet that people from all five shows were staying at the Hilton. So that means a lot of foot traffic between the Hilton and the furthest convention center hall in use. You'd think they'd have signage for all five shows starting at the Hilton, if only to say "Keep going! Your show is this way!"

Here's the sign for "Amusement Showcase International (ASI)."
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)

Here's the entrance to the "Night Club & Bar Beverage Retailer/Food & Beverage Convention and Trade Show."
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)

0775-80775-08 high-res image
Here's a sign for "Las Vegas Gift Expo." It wraps around a column.
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)

0775-90775-09 high-res image
And finally, here's "ISC Expo" sponsored by SIA. You had to walk by the other four shows before you even found a sign indicating you're heading in the direction of ISC Expo.
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)

0775-100775-10 high-res image
Rose Caballero, aka "Cowgirl." Rose works for Boon Edam Inc.
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)

0775-110775-11 high-res image
Norm Link. Norm works for Synergistics Inc.
(Tuesday 05-Mar-2002)