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0991-10991-01 (lost: xmas091.jpg)
The company Xmas tree, in the lobby.
(Thursday 20-Dec-2001)

0991-20991-02 (lost: xmas092.jpg)
Holiday cards received at the company festoon the lobby walls.
(Thursday 20-Dec-2001)

0991-30991-03 (lost: xmas137.jpg)
Toys and candy for Shawn.
(Saturday 22-Dec-2001)

0991-40991-04 (lost: xmas138.jpg)
Toys and candy for Colleen.
(Saturday 22-Dec-2001)

0991-50991-05 (lost: xmas093.jpg)
Brooks Kelley, Cynthia Kelley.
(Monday 24-Dec-2001)

0991-06 (lost: xmas094.jpg), 0991-07 (lost: xmas095.jpg).
Lights on some of the houses near Debbie's place.
(Monday 24-Dec-2001)

0991-80991-08 (lost: xmas096.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez in Santa hat.
(Monday 24-Dec-2001)

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