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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Ben Massoglia, Matthew B. Tepper for caption help on this page.

0960-10960-01 (lost: lasfs532.jpg)
Christian B. McGuire.
(Thursday 13-Dec-2001)

0960-20960-02 (lost: soll664.jpg)
Allan Rothstein, someone in a white shirt.
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(Thursday 20-Dec-2001)

0960-30960-03 (lost: soll665.jpg)
Ben Massoglia.
(Thursday 20-Dec-2001)

0960-40960-04 (lost: soll666.jpg)
Pearl Newton.
(Thursday 20-Dec-2001)

0960-50960-05 (lost: soll667.jpg)
Selina Phanara smiles, Allan Rothstein in background.
(Thursday 20-Dec-2001)

0960-06 (lost: soll668.jpg), 0960-07 (lost: soll671.jpg), 0960-08 (lost: soll672.jpg).
Steffnee Peterman.
(Thursday 20-Dec-2001)

0960-90960-09 (lost: soll669.jpg)
John De Chancie, Steffnee Peterman, Cathy in the background.
(Thursday 20-Dec-2001)

0960-10 (lost: soll673.jpg), 0960-11 (lost: soll674.jpg).
Tristan Anderson, picking up Selina Phanara. Ben applauds in background.
(Thursday 20-Dec-2001)

0960-120960-12 (lost: soll675.jpg)
Steffnee Peterman, Tristan Anderson.
(Thursday 20-Dec-2001)

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