Around the House (Aug-2001)

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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Tim Kepler for caption help on this page.

Maria Rodriguez, Lynn Baden.
(Sunday 12-Aug-2001)

0841-20841-02 (lost: cinwall01.jpg)
The decorations on the wall at the local movie theater ("Cinemapolis").
(Sunday 12-Aug-2001)

0841-03 (lost: bricks01.jpg), 0841-04 (lost: bricks02.jpg).
One night I came home and discovered that the brick planter outside my front door had been knocked down...
(Thursday 23-Aug-2001)

0841-50841-05 (lost: bricks03.jpg)
Gabe Kepler. It turns out that Gabe's brother Tory was driving the big ol' family truck, and hit the gas instead of the brake. He managed to come to a stop before knocking my house down, though.
(Thursday 23-Aug-2001)

The next day, my neighbor had someone working to put it back together, more or less.
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(Friday 24-Aug-2001)