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Naomi and Connor came to visit us when they were in town.

0840-10840-01 (lost: naomi23.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Connor Ware, Maria Rodriguez.
(Sunday 29-Jul-2001)

0840-02 (lost: naomi24.jpg), 0840-03 (lost: naomi25.jpg), 0840-04 (lost: naomi26.jpg).
Connor Ware playing on the back of the couch, behind Maria Rodriguez.
(Sunday 29-Jul-2001)

0840-60840-06 (lost: naomi28.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez, Connor Ware, on the couch.
(Sunday 29-Jul-2001)

0840-90840-09 (lost: naomi32.jpg)
Connor Ware and his enormous stuffed puppy.
(Sunday 29-Jul-2001)

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