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0838-01, 0838-02, 0838-03, 0838-04.
Holly, and Cathy Mullican.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 10:23-10:31 pm)

Cathy Mullican holding up one of the more unusual Ikea stuffed animals.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 22:34)

Miss Gwendolyn Kittycat (Queen of the Realm, Most High Elder of the Household, She Who Must Be Obeyed), is taking a nap on the top of the sofa.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 22:49)

Someone, and someone else.
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(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 23:01)

0838-80838-08 high-res image offline
Cathy Mullican, halfway up the stairs.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 23:02)

Mariel Massoglia, Tadao Tomomatsu, relaxing upstairs.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 23:33)

Twixx, Tear The Goth, and Angel.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 23:33)

Mariel Massoglia, Tadao Tomomatsu.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 23:36)

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