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Darrel L. Exline, chair of ConFurence, invited me to an open party at his house.

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to "Ben Raccoon", Michael Mason, Holly for caption help on this page.

Darrel's doormat. "1) Please stand here. 2) Don't look up"
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 21:20)

0832-30832-03 (lost: darrel03.jpg)
Ahmad Abdel-Hameed, Cathy Mullican, Holly.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 21:21)

0832-20832-02 (lost: darrel02.jpg)
Cathy Mullican, Holly.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 21:21)

0832-40832-04 (lost: darrel04.jpg)
Joyce Sperling.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 21:21)

0832-50832-05 (lost: darrel05.jpg)
Margo Alenikov on the couch, and someone else on the floor.
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(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 21:22)

0832-60832-06 (lost: darrel06.jpg)
Michael Mason, Tadao Tomomatsu.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 21:22)

0832-70832-07 (lost: darrel07.jpg)
Katherine Seddon, and Jason Jaggi ("Wendy") in green in foreground.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 21:22)

0832-80832-08 (lost: darrel08.jpg)
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 21:22)

Mariel Massoglia being attacked by Valentina Bauer-Landes. (Suggested caption: "Kiss me, I'm furry.")
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 21:22)

0832-100832-10 (lost: darrel10.jpg)
Michael Flores holding a sketchbook.
(Saturday 29-Dec-2001 21:23)

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