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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0829-01, 0829-02 (lost: wrap64.jpg).
Michael Reed poses for one last picture before he heads home.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 23:14)

0829-090829-09 (lost: wrap65.jpg)
Steffnee Peterman came back for something, and says goodbye again.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 23:15)

0829-30829-03 (lost: wrap66.jpg)
John De Chancie and Cathy Beckstead are leaving, to stay in a local motel.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 23:38)

0829-40829-04 (lost: wrap67.jpg)
Darrel L. Exline says goodbye and heads back to San Diego.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 23:40)

0829-50829-05 (lost: wrap68.jpg)
Tadao Tomomatsu says goodbye.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 23:40)

0829-60829-06 (lost: wrap69.jpg)
Shawn Crosby and Colleen Crosby are going home, they promised themselves they'd leave by midnight.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 23:56)

0829-70829-07 (lost: wrap70.jpg)
Monica Boyd.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 23:59)

0829-80829-08 (lost: wrap72.jpg)
Richard Foss, Monica Boyd, as they each say goodbye and head for home.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 00:00)

0829-90829-11 (lost: wrap73.jpg)
Richard Foss.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 00:00)

0829-100829-10 (lost: wrap74.jpg)
Surveying the buffet table at the end of the evening. The big white crockpot at the end had my mother's potato soup. The big glass cookie jar has Trader Joe's capuccino meringues and cinnamon cat cookies. There are a few slices of white, poppy whole wheat, and corn dusted rye bread left. Of the 3 lbs. of cheese we started with, two slices of Tillamook cheddar and 1 slice of Domestic Swiss are all that's left. We still have plenty of round tortilla chips, and the mayonnaise jar is half full (but has been sitting out all night).
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001)

There's some apple pie left (I proceeded to finish that off over the next few days), and a big tin of flavored popcorn (which I took to work). The 9 lb. Honeybaked Ham is all gone, as are the Li'l Smokies and Snack Bite Pepperonis in Bullseye BBQ Sauce that used to be in my crockpot. (Some people thought it looked like Snausages in Chocolate Syrup.) The pumpkin pie is all gone - Colleen took the last couple of slices. There's still some of Elaine's banana bread and pumpkin bread. (The banana nut bread went the fastest.) You can see our head of lettuce at the far end of the table - we forgot to set it out at the beginning of the party.

At the far end of the table you can see some of the cups and mugs we set out. We have an assortment in our cupboards and we use them for parties - because they're all different, you can keep track of which one's yours.

Not pictured: Chris and Tracy (who managed to leave without a "goodbye" picture!) brought some gingerbread cake that was really good. We went through two gallons of Spiced Cider really quick -- we could have used twice as much. We had three half-gallons of Egg Nog, and that lasted the evening. We had a couple of kinds of Rum and Bourbon, and whole nutmeg to grate into your egg nog. We had the "After Eight" chocolate dinner mints by the nutmeg, and a lot of them were left - I don't think people stumbled onto them. The cashews and the chocolate peanut clusters were a hit, and we went through half of the dark chocolate raisins were all a hit. We worked through a bag of Yukon Gold Potato Chips and Hawaiian Justice Potato Chips. (I didn't have any dip. We had shredded cheese in the fridge but we never made any nachoes with the tortila chips.) (12:29 am)

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