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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0825-10825-01 (lost: wrap22.jpg)
Greg and Michael at left, Monica Boyd in front of Edward and Richard, Darrel L. Exline with Aloha shirt over a San Diego Zoo t-shirt and a Diet Coke standing by Kris Bauer, Anastasia in background right.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 20:02)

0825-20825-02 (lost: wrap23.jpg)
The crowd watches the "Lux Schoolhouse Theater" video. Jeff in foreground left, Ron with longsleeve shirt, Tracy Butler is closest to the television, Stefnee, Glen, and Shawn Crosby in front of the table, Janis next to the table, Tristan Anderson, Michael, and David on the couch, Barksdale Hales in wooden chair, Chris and Beth foreground right.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 20:02)

0825-30825-03 (lost: wrap24.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez leaves for the night.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 20:02)

0825-04 (lost: wrap25.jpg), 0825-05 (lost: wrap26.jpg).
Rebecca Barber, Bruce Rowan, saying goodbye.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 20:04)

0825-60825-06 (lost: wrap27.jpg)
Michael Mason, Kris Bauer, Joyce Sperling, Barksdale Hales, leave for the night.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 20:10)

0825-70825-07 (lost: wrap28.jpg)
Janis on floor, Tristan, Michael Reed and David Milano on couch, Monica Boyd on floor, Colleen Crosby standing.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 20:12)

0825-80825-08 (lost: wrap29.jpg)
Katt1028, Bert Boden, as they head home.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 20:13)

0825-90825-09 (lost: wrap30.jpg)
Emily Christensen takes her leave.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 20:25)

0825-100825-10 (lost: wrap31.jpg)
Chris Marble, Beth Marble head back to Claremont.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 20:49)

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