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The invitation I sent out read as follows: LOSCON 28 Wrap Party. Come if you like. Come as you are. Who: Committee & Staff of Loscon 28 (and our long-suffering S.O.'s) No kids please, our house isn't baby-proofed. When: 5:00 pm, Saturday, December 15, until midnight. You've worked hard on this convention. Now it's my turn to thank you. Stop by on Saturday and we'll feed you dinner. We'll show the video from "Lux Schoolhouse Theater." If you have any unfinished Loscon business, we'll try to wrap it up then.

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0823-10823-01 (lost: wrap01.jpg)
Jim Briggs, Lynn Baden.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 18:12)

0823-20823-02 (lost: wrap02.jpg)
Greg Barrett.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 18:12)

0823-30823-03 (lost: wrap03.jpg)
Wil Baden, Karl Lembke.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 18:12)

0823-40823-04 (lost: wrap04.jpg)
George McUrso with some soup, someone on the floor, Colleen Crosby on the screen as "Sally Brown," Bruce Rowan and Rebecca Barber in chairs, Darrel L. Exline in green flowered shirt on floor, someone in a Santa hat foreground center, Chris Butler next to the table, Chris Marble reaching across the table, Wil Baden foreground right, Karl Lembke, Greg, and Shawn on the couch.
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(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 19:11)

0823-50823-05 (lost: wrap05.jpg)
Ron Ontell and Beth Marble at the buffet table, Emily Christensen talking to Lynn Baden.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 19:11)

0823-60823-06 (lost: wrap06.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 19:16)

0823-70823-07 (lost: wrap07.jpg)
Wil Baden, Jocelyn Baden, heading for home.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 19:33)

0823-80823-08 (lost: wrap08.jpg)
Shawn Crosby's car, the "H-Wing."
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 19:35)

0823-100823-10 (lost: wrap10.jpg)
Joyce Barnes, Edward Hooper.
(Saturday 15-Dec-2001 19:41)

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