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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Ben Massoglia, Wendy Newton, Michael Bernstein, Steve Moss for caption help on this page.

0813-01 (lost: l28_137.jpg), 0813-02 (lost: l28_139.jpg), 0813-03 (lost: l28_140.jpg).
Chocolate frenzy in the Con Suite.
(Saturday 24-Nov-2001)

0813-40813-04 (lost: l28_141.jpg)
Some people in Harry Potter-inspired costumes. Tony Irvin as Harry, John Irvin as Hagrid, Marilyn Irvin as Prof. McGonagall.
(Saturday 24-Nov-2001)

Ben Massoglia playing with bingo cards, Sundance sitting in entrance to tent, Mona Martinez standing, Leon Roth standing in background.
(Saturday 24-Nov-2001)

Eric Hoffman (obscured) at left talking to Brad Linaweaver, and George McUrso in conversation with Kent Hastings standing in a white lab-coat denoting his membership in the League of Evil Geniuses.
(Saturday 24-Nov-2001)

The cake in the 4E Birthday Party.
(Saturday 24-Nov-2001)

Tristan Anderson picking up Mariel Massoglia to cover the light over the entrance to the masquerade w/ a blue gel.
(Saturday 24-Nov-2001)

0813-90813-09 (lost: l28_146.jpg)
Empty chairs and ladders and so forth, in the room that will hold the Masquerade. In the back corner you can see one of the "Read" posters left up from the previous night.
(Saturday 24-Nov-2001)

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(Saturday 24-Nov-2001)

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