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Thanks to Colleen Crosby, Wendy Newton for caption help on this page.

Shawnna Fox.
(Friday 23-Nov-2001)

Jeff Bergdahl packs up the digital video camera.
(Friday 23-Nov-2001)

Kevin O'Brien and a whole bunch of tech equipment.
(Friday 23-Nov-2001)

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(Friday 23-Nov-2001)

Christian B. McGuire (the waiter in "Frog and Dog") in a red tartan kilt.
(Friday 23-Nov-2001)

Michael's mom, and Michael Reed.
(Friday 23-Nov-2001)

Pat Larson, Eric Larson.
(Friday 23-Nov-2001)

0807-08 high-res image, 0807-09 high-res image.
Lux Schoolhouse Theater cast and crew. Standing on stage: Shawn Crosby (Bill), Scott Martin (kneeling?), Michael Reed (Conjunction Jct. Engineer), Colleen Crosby (yellow cheerleader outfit), David Milano (leaning on typewriter costume), Elizabeth Baird in dark blue, Colleen Kennedy, Judy Adler in white. Middle row: Greg Hart, John Bryson, red typewriter costume, Pat Mannion (Snoopy), Mike Donahue (tech). Bottom: Brian Reynolds, Kim Bergdahl in black, Darrell Evans, Phil Adler, Shawnna Fox. (Not pictured: C. Hoff, J. Bergdahl.)
(Friday 23-Nov-2001)

Terry Newton in green shirt, Tom Safer in blue "Boston" t-shirt across from camera, Barksdale Hales in black shirt at right and several other gamers playing Settlers of Catan in the game room. "Wood for Sheep?"
(Friday 23-Nov-2001)

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