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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0805-01 (lost: l28_016.jpg), 0805-02 (lost: l28_017.jpg).
On Thursday morning, Christian and I looked around at some of the trash left outside, including a foil wrapper someone left on the walkway.
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(Thursday 22-Nov-2001)

0805-30805-03 (lost: l28_025.jpg)
The Hilton Burbank Airport has new carpet in the East and West Towers function space.
(Thursday 22-Nov-2001)

0805-40805-04 (lost: l28_033.jpg)
Bad Idea: running an extension cord along the floor not taped down. (But it belongs to the hotel, they're vacuuming before anyone arrives and then they'll roll the cord back up again.)
(Thursday 22-Nov-2001)

0805-50805-05 (lost: l28_034.jpg)
We tried something new with the ballroom layout this time. Academy One (which is where Jerome is standing) was completely open, and the airwall between Academy One and Academy Six was removed. Here you can see a hotel employee moving the airwall. The screens in the corners (with the potted plants) we had them move to create a wall between the dealers room and the art show control area.
(Thursday 22-Nov-2001)

0805-60805-06 (lost: l28_054.jpg)
On Wednesday night, there was a dance. The people running it had the brilliant idea of charging $16... and they didn't make a run to the bank for dollar bills to make change.
(Thursday 22-Nov-2001)

0805-07 (lost: l28_060.jpg), 0805-08 (lost: l28_061.jpg).
The airwall between Academy Three and Academy One wasn't quite perfectly fitted. The building has shifted and changed shape slightly over the years, esp. with an earthquake or two in between times.
(Thursday 22-Nov-2001)

0805-90805-09 (lost: l28_062.jpg)
This is one of the "Amenities" that we arranged for the Guests of Honor to have waiting in their room. It's a Large Fruit Bowl With Truffles. (You can see the two red foil-wrapped truffles in the front and at the right edge.) The way these things work are, they're reserved ahead of time, and then when the guest checks into their room, Room Service brings it up. Note for future Loscon chairs: sometimes the hotel will arrange for a similar fruit bowl, or something, to be placed in the room occupied by the hotel liaison and/or the chair. (Sometimes - they didn't get me one.)
(Thursday 22-Nov-2001)

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