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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0804-01 (lost: l28_003.jpg), 0804-02 (lost: l28_005.jpg), 0804-03 (lost: l28_001.jpg), 0804-04 (lost: l28_002.jpg), 0804-05 (lost: l28_004.jpg).
On Thursday morning, about 7:30 am, Christian and I strolled the grounds of the Hilton Burbank Airport to inspect the debris left behind by the dance held Wednesday night.
(Thursday 22-Nov-2001)

0804-06 (lost: l28_006.jpg), 0804-07 (lost: l28_011.jpg), 0804-08 (lost: l28_012.jpg), 0804-09 (lost: l28_013.jpg), 0804-10 (lost: l28_014.jpg).
The convention center portion of the hotel was open, so we looked at all the trash the other group had left behind there.
(Thursday 22-Nov-2001)

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