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Thanks to Maurine Starkey, Todd Allis, Kelly Buehler for caption help on this page.

Eric Larson, Pat Lawrence (aka Pat Larson). This is the last photo I took of Pat or Eric before they were married.
(Sunday 21-Oct-2001)

Emerald Savitzky.
(Sunday 21-Oct-2001)

0803-30803-40803-03, 0803-04.
Rachel Cluney and TJ Beyer watch the ducks in the pond.
(Sunday 21-Oct-2001)

0803-50803-05 high-res image
Stormtrooper (Bill Hay) meets Antoinette Nicolai dressed as a jester.
(Sunday 21-Oct-2001)

0803-06, 0803-07 high-res image offline.
Stormtrooper (Bill Hay) guarding the door to the green room. (Actually, he was searching for the food platter that never arrived.)
(Sunday 21-Oct-2001)

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