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0802-10802-01 (lost: sili041.jpg)
After the party, about 3:00 am, I packed all the party supplies back into their bins, and loaded them out to the truck. Fortunately there was room for me to park the truck right outside my sliding glass door.
(Sunday 21-Oct-2001)

0802-20802-02 (lost: sili042.jpg)
Sunday morning. Fred Capp with Winux shirt.
(Sunday 21-Oct-2001)

0802-30802-03 (lost: sili043.jpg)
Carmental showing her purchases.
(Sunday 21-Oct-2001)

Rachel Cluney ("The Chick") in parking lot talking to Loki Darkfox in black. I was struck by the colorful contrasts - the green, blue, and red on her, vs. the all-black-clad gentleman.
(Sunday 21-Oct-2001)

0802-05 (lost: sili045.jpg), 0802-06.
Sergio Aragones, guest of honor. I put a pawprint on everyone's badges as I take their pictures, and Sergio put his pawprint on his self-portrait's outstretched hand. (Note the small labels (1/2" high) used for the name labels. At-door members had their names handwritten (in cursive) in the same small rectangular space.)
(Sunday 21-Oct-2001)

0802-70802-07 (lost: sili047.jpg)
Crickett Fox.
(Sunday 21-Oct-2001)

0802-80802-08 (lost: sili048.jpg)
Colleen Savitzky.
(Sunday 21-Oct-2001)

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