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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Casey Molver, Maurine Starkey for caption help on this page.

0800-10800-01 (lost: sili021.jpg)
The "Loscon Party" banner, hanging outside room 2427. But when I went to post my party signs, I noticed that all the other parties were on the first floor...
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0800-60800-06 (lost: sili026.jpg)
I was able to have them move my room downstairs. The "Loscon Party" banner showing the corrected room number, 1425.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

Gabrielle Westfield.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0800-30800-03 (lost: sili023.jpg)
Gabrielle Westfield, Mary Ann Westfield.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0800-40800-04 (lost: sili024.jpg)
Dann Lopez, standing in the hall talking to Michele Wilson (of Unicon and Timecon fame).
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0800-50800-05 (lost: sili025.jpg)
They had a big blowup of the program grid posted. By Saturday afternoon, they'd also printed up pocket-size editions of the same program grid.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

Craig Nicolai dressed as Marvin the Martian On Vacation.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0800-80800-08 (lost: sili028.jpg)
Macy Starkey, Casey Molver.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0800-90800-09 (lost: sili029.jpg)
I set up a little "salsa tasting" bar on the ironing board. We have four different kinds of salsa from Trader Joe's - actually three salsas and a bean dip.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

The theme of my party was "Science Fair." On the left we have "The Ants Ate My Homework" (a writeup on making sugar crystals), on the right we have two different kinds of brownies and an explanation of what baking powder does in the cooking process, and there's a little plastic cup with "Dancing Raisins." (Soda pop bubbles latch onto the raisin and raise it up to the surface where the bubbles pop and the raisin sinks again.)
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

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