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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0799-10799-01 (lost: sili011.jpg)
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0799-20799-02 (lost: sili012.jpg)
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0799-30799-03 (lost: sili013.jpg)
Stephen Savitzky, Father of Chaos.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0799-40799-04 (lost: sili014.jpg)
Three Space: Above and Beyond fans.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

Ademordna with a shirt that says "Perky Goth - Put the Romance back in Necromancy."
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0799-60799-06 (lost: sili016.jpg)
Michael Molisani gets a warm friendly hug from Ademordna.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0799-70799-07 (lost: sili017.jpg)
Nicki Chambers and David K. Wong.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

John Limitone, Karen Moberg.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0799-09 (lost: sili019.jpg), 0799-10 (lost: sili020.jpg).
The door to the outside world had a big red Exit button. At night, you'd need to press this button to unlock the door and get out. (But the hotel allowed us to block it open at night.)
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

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