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I went to SiliCon, in Sunnyvale CA, by myself, to sell Loscon 28 memberships. It was the last stop in a year's worth of Loscon parties, and the first time that Lynn didn't accompany me. Fortunately, I was extremely lucky (and am very grateful) that Pat Lawrence was able to come out and help me at the convention. Thanks, Pat!

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Todd Allis, John O'Halloran for caption help on this page.

0798-10798-01 (lost: sili001.jpg)
"Stephani" (Emerald Savitzky), Pat Lawrence, at the Loscon table.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

Kathleen Windsor, Bobby Bergsmann.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

Cheryl Morgan, Hugo D. Shark, Kevin Standlee.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0798-40798-04 (lost: sili004.jpg)
The "Information Table" is the small cocktail round visible at left, right at the main junction of the corridors.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0798-50798-05 (lost: sili005.jpg)
Colleen Savitzky. Mayhem on the bench off to the side.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0798-60798-06 (lost: sili006.jpg)
Pam Rice, the convention's photographer. She took a photo of our Loscon Party banner, and it appeared in Saturday's newsletter.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0798-70798-07 (lost: sili007.jpg)
Chaos Savitzky, someone called Nyanko aka "Mayhem".
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(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0798-80798-08 (lost: sili008.jpg)
Michael Molisani.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0798-90798-09 (lost: sili009.jpg)
Barry Gold.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

0798-100798-10 (lost: sili010.jpg)
John O'Halloran, Christina O'Halloran.
(Saturday 20-Oct-2001)

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