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0797-10797-01 (lost: prty125.jpg)
Ed Buchman with a plate of fudge, and a lady in red.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0797-02 (lost: prty127.jpg), 0797-03 (lost: prty128.jpg).
Peggy Little, Allan Rothstein, together in the kitchen.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0797-40797-04 (lost: prty129.jpg)
Ed Buchman, Peggy Little.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0797-60797-06 (lost: prty131.jpg)
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(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0797-70797-07 (lost: prty132.jpg)
Tony Evans, Mona Martinez.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0797-80797-08 (lost: prty134.jpg)
Drew Sanders, Peggy Little.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0797-90797-09 (lost: prty133v.jpg)
Susan Gleason examines the titles on the shelves.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0797-10 (lost: prty135.jpg), 0797-11 (lost: prty137.jpg).
Susan Gleason, Tadao Tomomatsu.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

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