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0796-10796-01 (lost: prty115v.jpg)
Drew Sanders, in a good mood.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0796-20796-02 (lost: prty116v.jpg)
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(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0796-30796-03 (lost: prty117.jpg)
Joe Zeff on the couch.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0796-40796-04 (lost: prty118v.jpg)
Jim Daniel.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0796-50796-05 (lost: prty119.jpg)
Tony Evans.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0796-06 (lost: prty121.jpg), 0796-07 (lost: prty120v.jpg).
Valerie Milewski, Michael Mason.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0796-80796-08 (lost: prty122v.jpg)
Shawn Crosby, looking relaxed and refreshed.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0796-90796-09 (lost: prty123.jpg)
Food served at the party included meat and cheese cubes, crackers, and carrot and celery sticks.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0796-100796-10 (lost: prty124.jpg)
Bill Ellern, Ed Buchman, and some of Buchman's famous fudge.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

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