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0795-01 (lost: prty104v.jpg), 0795-02 (lost: prty105v.jpg).
Peggy Little.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0795-03 (lost: prty107v.jpg), 0795-04 (lost: prty108v.jpg), 0795-05 (lost: prty109v.jpg), 0795-06 (lost: prty110v.jpg).
Tadao Tomomatsu.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0795-70795-07 (lost: prty111.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Joyce Sperling behind her.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0795-80795-08 (lost: prty112.jpg)
Brett Achorn, with an arm around his wife Stacey (not present).
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0795-90795-09 (lost: prty113v.jpg)
Robert Keller.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

0795-100795-10 (lost: prty114v.jpg)
Colleen Crosby likes her blue dress - the full skirt twirls nicely.
(Saturday 13-Oct-2001)

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