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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0791-01 (lost: l28_204.jpg), 0791-02.
The Fan Gallery set up at Loscon 28. The space is approximately 21 feet by 6 feet, plus a little extra room for the hardware connections and so forth. Each sheet of pegboard is 3' wide by 4' high, and (except for the piece on the end) they're hung two at a time, for a working surface consisting of 6' wide by 4' high areas. You can see that the configuration here consists of three 6'x6' u-shapes.
(Sunday 25-Nov-2001)

This configuration used ten 6'x4' pegboard areas (plus a 3' wide tail on the right). Each 6' wide by 4' high space can hold about 21 photos. There are 180 photos on display here. (25-Nov-2001)

0791-03 (lost: fangal01.jpg), 0791-04 (lost: fangal02.jpg), 0791-05 (lost: fangal03.jpg), 0791-06 (lost: fangal04.jpg).
After Loscon, the photos were all packed into a new shipping case. The white plastic bags in the front left corner of the shipping case (in the last shot) hold the hanging hardware (5.4 lbs of pegboard hooks and 2.6 lbs of binder clips). The total weight of the loaded case is about 82 lbs.
(Tuesday 27-Nov-2001)

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