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0769-01 (lost: park20.jpg), 0769-02 (lost: park08.jpg).
There's baseball facilities at the west end of the property. On the other side of the baseball park lies Davis Middle School.
(Wednesday 18-Jul-2001)

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The south side of the hill has a small lake, waterfalls, bridges, etc. Also a sign that says "No Swimming - Polluted Water."
(Wednesday 18-Jul-2001)

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It's a beautiful setting...
(Wednesday 18-Jul-2001)

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Of course, while the hill is overrun with squirrels, the lake area is covered with ducks. Geese, swans, whatever, I don't know. Waterfowl, anyway. (And the water is foul, too.)
(Wednesday 18-Jul-2001)

To cap it all off, on the east side of the street there are tennis courts, and at the far east end of Arlington is a "Bark Park."
(Wednesday 18-Jul-2001)

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Rules include "Park closed at dusk" and "No Alcohol." This means that you're not supposed to bring some wine coolers and a date to linger in the shadows after dark. If you do this, try not to get caught.
(Wednesday 18-Jul-2001)

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