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0768-10768-01 (lost: park01.jpg)
"TeWinkle Park, 970 Arlington Ave." says the sign. You couldn't prove it by me, though - it looks more like the street is Junipero. In any event, the park is at the corner of Junipero and Arlington.
(Wednesday 18-Jul-2001)

0768-20768-02 (lost: park02.jpg)
Picnic facilities include some grills, and a place to dispose of your hot coals.
(Wednesday 18-Jul-2001)

0768-03 (lost: park04.jpg), 0768-04 (lost: park03.jpg).
Playground equipment. They changed it!? What happened to the castle turret slide thing?
(Wednesday 18-Jul-2001)

0768-50768-05 (lost: park05.jpg)
The swings are new, too. The old swing set had an enormouse steel arch rising above the swings... a precarious climb, if you wanted to attempt it.
(Wednesday 18-Jul-2001)

0768-60768-06 (lost: park06.jpg)
On this side of the hill, there's an open flat space -- great for whatever ceremony you need to have.
(Wednesday 18-Jul-2001)

0768-70768-07 (lost: park09.jpg)
There are more picnic facilities at the northwest end of the hill.
(Wednesday 18-Jul-2001)

0768-80768-08 (lost: park07.jpg)
At the northwest of the hill, there's another clearing, with concrete suitable for seating.
(Wednesday 18-Jul-2001)

0768-09 (lost: park11.jpg), 0768-10 (lost: park12.jpg), 0768-11 (lost: park16.jpg).
The park is overrun with squirrels. They weren't cooperative about posing for me overly much. Kept running off.
(Wednesday 18-Jul-2001)

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