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0767-10767-01 (lost: pat055.jpg)
Tristan Anderson, Steffnee Peterman, and John Blood call it a night.
(Sunday 19-Aug-2001 01:24)

0767-20767-02 (lost: pat056.jpg)
Shawnna Fox signs the little book we gave Pat Lawrence with everyone's names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses.
(Sunday 19-Aug-2001 01:55)

0767-30767-03 (lost: pat057.jpg)
Pat Lawrence, our guest of honor, at the end of a happy evening.
(Sunday 19-Aug-2001 02:00)

0767-40767-04 (lost: pat058.jpg)
As Meaghan Stevenson and Pat Lawrence leave, the party is officially over.
(Sunday 19-Aug-2001 02:02)

0767-50767-05 (lost: pat059.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez says good-bye to Shawnna Fox, as we thank Shawnna for the use of her place for the party.
(Sunday 19-Aug-2001 02:02)

0767-60767-06 (lost: pat060.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Chaz Boston Baden.
(Sunday 19-Aug-2001 02:03)

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