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0764-10764-01 (lost: pat022.jpg)
Kim Bergdahl, Shawn Crosby in background, Colleen Crosby, Bonnie Long-Hemsath, Greg Hemsath foreground right.
(Saturday 18-Aug-2001 20:59)

0764-20764-02 (lost: pat024.jpg)
Bonnie Long-Hemsath in background, Greg Hemsath in front, Tristan Anderson behind Steffnee Peterman.
(Saturday 18-Aug-2001 20:59)

0764-30764-03 (lost: pat026.jpg)
Tristan and Steffnee in background, John Blood, Lynn Baden.
(Saturday 18-Aug-2001 20:59)

John, Lynn Baden, Maria Rodriguez.
(Saturday 18-Aug-2001 20:59)

0764-50764-05 (lost: pat027.jpg)
Pat Lawrence says goodbye to Jocelyn Baden as the Badens senior prepare to leave.
(Saturday 18-Aug-2001 21:19)

0764-60764-06 (lost: pat029.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden walking Wil Baden out.
(Saturday 18-Aug-2001 21:28)

0764-70764-07 (lost: pat031.jpg)
Sandy Rymer and Tony McCoy say their goodbyes.
(Saturday 18-Aug-2001 21:50)

0764-80764-08 (lost: pat028.jpg)
There was something odd about this quilt hanging on the wall... we learned that the walls and/or ceiling had been painted, and the painters put the quilt back upside-down.
(Saturday 18-Aug-2001 21:25)

0764-09 (lost: pat034.jpg), 0764-10 (lost: pat033.jpg).
Eventually Kim and I just couldn't stand it any longer, and we re-hung the quilt right-side up. The second shot is a high-resolution version.
(Saturday 18-Aug-2001 22:30)

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