Virgilio Party/Allan's Birthday (25-Aug-2001)

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Bruce scheduled his annual "Virgilio" Ice Cream Party for the same day as Allan Rothstein's 60th birthday Party. Lynn and I managed to stop by both parties. I wasn't attempting to catalog everyone who attended either party, but I did take a few pictures.

0761-10761-01 (lost: bruce01.jpg)
Someone, and Drew Sanders, grilling hamburgers and so forth. Bruce and Elayne have an outdoor barbecue made of bricks - in fact, they're not cemented down, so they can be rearranged if they want to fiddle with the layout.
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(Saturday 25-Aug-2001)

0761-20761-02 (lost: bruce02.jpg)
Lynn Baden in the reading nook of the upstairs library. Lynn and I are thinking about what we want to do, long-term, with our house, and we checked out the Tower's second floor to see how it was arranged.
(Saturday 25-Aug-2001)

The upstairs library has numerous 7-shelf bookcases, with an 8-shelf unit on the end. They keep stuffed animals on top of them. It seems to me that there are three basic height options available: bookcases low enough that you can see over them, tall ones like these where stuff can be displayed on top of them, or high ones that go almost to the ceiling (and therefore the tops don't become magnets for clutter or miscellaneous storage). You can also see that the room wasn't planned for this use, or they probably wouldn't have blocked the window.
(Saturday 25-Aug-2001)

There are six 7-shelf bookcases (three on each side) and 8 shelves on the end, for a total of 50 shelves in this center island. There are a similar number of shelves along the walls. Without going back and checking, I estimate approximately 100 shelves in this room. Again without checking, if they're 30" shelves, then that's 250 ft of linear shelf space.

We left Bruce and Elayne's house, and stopped by the LASFS clubhouse. We got there while "The Thief of Bagdad" was playing, so we didn't get to talk to many people. Allan stepped out for a moment and we were able to wish him a happy birthday.

0761-04 (lost: allan01.jpg), 0761-05 (lost: allan02.jpg).
Gary Rothstein (Allan's middle son) in the black shirt, Allan Rothstein, and Steve Rothstein (Allan's youngest son.) "My oldest son, Jeff, could not be there for the party; he's 3,000 miles in front of me in the picture."
(Saturday 25-Aug-2001)