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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

Thanks to Reid Woodbury Jr. for caption help on this page.

0760-01 (lost: janis148.jpg), 0760-02 (lost: janis149.jpg).
Chaz Boston Baden, Lynn Baden.
(Saturday 28-Jul-2001)

Salt and pepper shaker chess set.
(Saturday 28-Jul-2001)

0760-40760-04 (lost: janis151.jpg)
Lee Ann Goldstein.
(Saturday 28-Jul-2001)

0760-50760-05 (lost: janis152.jpg)
Matthew B. Tepper, Janis Olson.
(Saturday 28-Jul-2001)

0760-60760-06 (lost: janis155.jpg)
Eylat Poliner, Mark Poliner in the back, Molly Redifer in red front, Janis Olson, and Marian Hookailo front right.
(Saturday 28-Jul-2001)

0760-70760-07 (lost: janis156.jpg)
Richard Foss.
(Saturday 28-Jul-2001)

0760-80760-08 (lost: janis157.jpg)
Laura Freas.
(Saturday 28-Jul-2001)

0760-90760-09 (lost: janis158.jpg)
Janis and Glen's wandering rock garden has been penned up.
(Saturday 28-Jul-2001)

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