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Mrs. Carlson and two of her granddaughters. There's an injured or sick cat stuck up in the neighbor's tree, so we all went out back to see what we could do to help or spectate.
(Monday 23-Jul-2001)

0758-20758-02 (lost: carlson22.jpg)
Mrs. Carlson holding her granddaughter.
(Monday 23-Jul-2001)

0758-30758-03 (lost: carlson23.jpg)
Sharon Carlson and her niece Hanna.
(Monday 23-Jul-2001)

0758-40758-04 (lost: carlson24.jpg)
Ken Grindall helping to keep Hanna warm under his coat.
(Monday 23-Jul-2001)

0758-50758-05 (lost: carlson25.jpg)
The neighbor successfully rescues the cat.
(Monday 23-Jul-2001)

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