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0748-10748-01 (lost: party126.jpg)
Colleen Crosby looks through the books we're giving away.

Jon Infante prepares to juggle the flamingos.

Elizabeth Infante, Caitlind Infante, her friend Carole, and Jon Infante pose with their baby flamingos.

0748-40748-04 (lost: party129.jpg)
Jocelyn Baden and Wil Baden, my parents, as they head for home.

Tory Kepler, Tim Kepler, and Gabe Kepler head home next door.

0748-06 (lost: party131.jpg), 0748-07.
Drew Sanders and Peggy Little say their goodbyes.

0748-80748-08 (lost: party133.jpg)
Kim Bergdahl, at the end of the party.

0748-90748-09 (lost: party134.jpg)
Anne Morrel and Bill Ellern as they head for home.

0748-10 (lost: party135.jpg), 0748-11.
Shawn Crosby and Colleen Crosby pose with their car before leaving the party.

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