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The invitations we sent said: "Thirty-two Days of August: Summer's here. Actually, summer's been here all along. We feel it's high time we had a snow cone/popsicle party. We thought a party in August would be nice and to our surprise ran right off the end of the calendar. Well, that didn't stop us. We just wrote in a big "32" on the last square of the page, and put our party there. It's on Saturday, so if you've got big plans for Labor Day, you still get a day off between our party and yours. You are warmly invited for lunch on Saturday, 32 August (aka 1 September) 2001, at 12:00 noon. Snow cones and popsicles to follow."

0747-10747-01 (lost: party115.jpg)
Maria Rodriguez on the couch. All is in readiness - an assortment of snow cone syrups on the living room table, with a cooler full of snow at the end.

The popsicles etc. are in here, on dry ice. We've taped the box tops to the cooler, so you can see what's what - it's like having our own little ice cream stuck.

0747-03, 0747-04 (lost: party118.jpg).
Maria Rodriguez, Jon Infante, Elizabeth Infante, Shawn Crosby, Jocelyn Baden at right with Darrel L. Exline, examining Shawn's car, the "H-Wing."

Darrel L. Exline, Shawn Crosby, Maria (obscured), and either Caitlind or Carole at right.

Lynn Baden, Kris Bauer, and Bill Ellern, enjoying home-made snowcones and cookies.

0747-70747-07 (lost: party121.jpg)
Wil Baden, Colleen Crosby waving, and Anne Morrel in front of the fireplace.

Kris Bauer and Darrel L. Exline, as they head out to LASFS for the monthly "Estrogen Zone" Chick Flicks day.

0747-90747-09 (lost: party123.jpg)
Shawn Crosby, Anne Morrel, Drew Sanders standing, and Peggy Little.

0747-100747-10 (lost: party124.jpg)
Jon Infante, Elizabeth Infante, Wil Baden.

0747-110747-11 (lost: party125.jpg)
Kim Bergdahl, Lynn Baden, Bill Ellern.

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