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SCIFI Board Meeting and L.A. in 2006 bidcom meeting at Elizabeth and Jerome's house, (06-Jan-2001).

Kimberlee Brown, Ben Yalow. Craig foreground left.

Shaun Lyon, Jerome Scott in white, Ben Yalow. Lynn, Liz, Kim, Ed in the back.

Stacey Hallman, Brett Achorn.

Mike Donahue with briefcase, Bob Null with soda. Lynn and Shaun behind Mike.

SCIFI Board Meeting at Kim and Jordan's house, 09-Jun-2001.

0745-50745-05 (lost: scifi04.jpg)
Christian B. McGuire at head table.
(Saturday 09-Jun-2001)

0745-60745-06 (lost: scifi06.jpg)
Drew Sanders, Bobbi Armbruster, and Bruce Pelz in huddle.
(Saturday 09-Jun-2001)

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