Party Bins and Trash Cans (Jun/Dec 2001)

Rev. 21-Jul-2009 12:03:58

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0744-10744-01 (lost: agam002.jpg)
Here's how I loaded the truck for the Loscon 28 party at Agamemcon 5. I put in three heavy bins (loaded with sodas), the big cooler on top, and then slid the folding table in behind those bins.
(Thursday 07-Jun-2001)

0744-20744-02 (lost: agam003.jpg)
Then four more bins go in - two crosswise on top of the table, and two lengthwise between the table and the wheel well. (Note Bin 4 and Bin 5 in this shot - I had to put something in Bin 4 and so I swapped them, as you'll see in the next pictures.)
(Thursday 07-Jun-2001)

0744-03 (lost: agam004.jpg), 0744-04 (lost: agam005.jpg).
Two more bins go in crosswise, and another bin behind the lengthwise bins 4 and 5. Note that behind the wheel well there's room to put this one in crosswise too. Not shown: luggage, folding cart, wastebaskets, etc. The problem with this loading is that there's no rear-view visiblity. Bins on top of bins, or cooler on top of bins, results in this kind of situation. At the next convention we drove to (Coppercon), I loaded a single layer of bins and then put all the luggage and stuff on top of those bins.
(Thursday 07-Jun-2001)

0744-50744-05 (lost: can01.jpg)
I have a few standard 8-gallon wastebaskets, and the liner bags for them (not shown). When I'm packing the party bins in the car, I usually bring them along as well. Here they are at home, in the living room. You can see them on the left side of picture 0744-2, above.
(Wednesday 05-Dec-2001)

0744-60744-06 (lost: pad01.jpg)
One interesting fact about owning a house in a halfway decent neighborhood is that the local realtors want sell our house for us. (I've had the house more than 10 years now.) About every month or so, a notepad shows up on our doorstep, suitable for grocery lists. I stash them away, against the possible need for notepads... usually in a completely different state or county.
(Tuesday 11-Dec-2001)