Friends of the Family Part 9 (Apr/Jun-2001)

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0742-10742-01 (lost: crosb06.jpg)
Colleen Crosby, Shawn Crosby, at dinner.
(Saturday 28-Apr-2001)

The Museum of Jurassic Technology.
(Saturday 16-Jun-2001)

0742-30742-03 (lost: crosb05.jpg)
Colleen Crosby, Shawn Crosby, enjoying some mutant meringue cream dessert thing.
(Saturday 16-Jun-2001)

0742-40742-04 (lost: jeromescostume.jpg)
Jerome Scott, dressed as a Space Cadet in support of the L.A. in 2006 Worldcon Bid, at Millennium Philcon.