Lamps and Light Fixtures (23-Apr-2001)

Rev. 21-Jul-2009 12:03:58

I took these pictures because I've been pondering the problem, or opportunity, of adding light fixtures to our house (esp. the living room). (Coming soon: the Chevy's at Anaheim Festival.)

0741-01 (lost: lamp01.jpg), 0741-02 (lost: lamp02.jpg).
Light fixtures at The Yardhouse in Costa Mesa. The lamp on the table has a frosted glass cylinder in a metal cage. The lamp on the coat-hook pillar has some open spaces and some translucent spaces, and the whole thing lights up to quite a nice effect.
(Monday 23-Apr-2001)

Lynn and I went to The Yardhouse in Costa Mesa, at Triangle Square. We weren't terribly impressed with the place -- dark, noisy, and if you're not there to try a particular beer then why bother. And I resent the fact that they've set up shop so close to a local bar that already specializes in having a zillion kinds of beer on tap. There were restaurant reviews posted on the walls that mentioned some kind of potato chips they used to make but aren't on the menu anymore. And on top of that, between the time the waiter ran my credit card through the machine, and the time the slip was brought to the table, the credit card had disappeared. We called it in and cancelled it; within an hour, the thief had tried to use it at a gas station. The manager was relieved by that news because that meant that none of his employees was the person trying to use it at the gas station. (And yes, the manager reversed the charge on the bill, so the meal was on the house.)

Other specialty-beer operations I like better are Gordon Biersch in Orange for the food, and BJ's "Chicago Style Pizza" Restaurant and Brewery in Brea for the Pizzooki.