Miscellaneous Part 11 (Mar/May/Jul-2001)

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Lynn and I had breakfast and ran some errands. These are some of the things that caught my eye that day.

0740-10740-01 (lost: oph01.jpg)
At the Original Pancake House in Yorba Linda, we saw a miniscule tip left at a booth. There had been several people eating there, and I can't imagine their check being small enough to warrant a dollar and change for a tip.
(Saturday 31-Mar-2001)

0740-02, 0740-03 (lost: oph03.jpg).
No, I don't know why the manager was wearing this helmet...
(Saturday 31-Mar-2001)

The Slush Puppie machine, which has their website listed prominently. We saw this at a gas station - probably Arco but I forget precisely.
(Saturday 31-Mar-2001)

0740-05, 0740-06 (lost: shark02.jpg).
We went down to the thrift shops on Tustin St. in Orange, esp. to the Lutheran School store. In front of some kind of pool-supply shop we saw a festive shark.
(Saturday 31-Mar-2001)

0740-70740-07 (lost: amc01.jpg)
We went to the Ikea in City of Industry, and not far from it we saw an ex-AMC multiplex theatre.
(Saturday 31-Mar-2001)

0740-80740-08 high-res image
"Clamato y Cerveza - Ya los mezclaste?" (Note to the Spanish-impaired: Cerveza==Beer.) We're not sure what the second part means. Maybe "Are you man enough?" The picture shows a salt-rimmed glass with red liquid on the rocks, with a wedge of lime. That's quite a serving suggestion for something (Clam and Tomato Juice) that's already a sick, twisted concoction in and of itself...
(Thursday 17-May-2001)

I came home one day, and there were four baby flamingos on my air conditioner. That's odd, I said to myself, and decided they'd make a nice give-away for my next birthday party (which I had on August 32nd).
(Friday 18-May-2001)

0740-100740-10 (lost: disney01.jpg)
Maria and I went down to Disneyland recently. (I bought her an Annual Pass - the medium-level kind that has black-out days on summer Saturdays and other peak days.) It was the first time I'd been down to the park since DCA opened. Anyhow I noticed the security guards on duty at the main gate area have these uniforms these days that make them look like Hong Kong traffic cops.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2001)