Irish Cabaret (18-Mar-2001)

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Lynn, Pat and I joined Elaine Vander Linden at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts for an "Authentic Irish Cabaret." The funny thing is that the show (apparently) basically followed the same lines as a Dublin, Ireland cabaret that caters to the tourist trade. So, on the one hand it's "authentic" and on the other hand it's not necessarily what the Irish themselves go to see... It was a fun show, and I'm glad we went.

Thanks to Paul Hennessy for caption help on this page.

Noel V. Ginnity, and two of the cabaret dancers.
(Sunday 18-Mar-2001)

Jackie McGinley at left, Paul Hennessy the featured Irish Tenor, and Lori Hall to Paul's right. (He's visited this website and seen his own photo from umpty-dump thousands of miles away...)
(Sunday 18-Mar-2001)