Buildings (Mar/Jul-2001)

Rev. 21-Jul-2009 12:03:58

Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

A building at Chapman University in Orange CA. Chapman's logo is a 16-segment divided square - a square divided into 8 equal triangles.

This is Donald P. Kennedy Hall, part of Chapman's Law School (across the street from the main campus). There's a new parking structure behind this building.

0737-03, 0737-04, 0737-05.
Some of the houses near LASFS.
(Sunday 25-Mar-2001)

0737-06 (lost: marriott03.jpg), 0737-07 high-res image, 0737-08.
Anaheim Marriott. It appears to be undergoing some kind of renovation, or are they going to have the North Tower (excuse me, Oasis Tower) house their front desk on a permanent basis? (Seems unlikely once the rainy season starts.) On the day I was here, I wasn't in a position to investigate inside. Maybe next time...
(Sunday 15-Jul-2001)

0737-90737-09 (lost: house05.jpg)
This is a house on Junipero in Costa Mesa, not far from TeWinkle Park. There are several ways it differs from my house. There's an upper story, that's been added over the (previously detached?) garage with a separate entrance. Also their lot is considerably bigger than mine, note the driveway is two car-lengths deep.
(Sunday 22-Jul-2001)