Mr. and Mrs. Kuehne (22-Jul-2001)

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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

The Kuehnes0709-01
Mr. and Mrs. Kuehne, Robby Kuehne's parents. (Prounounced kee-nee.) Robby was a friend from elementary school, who lost his battle with diabetes shortly before his twenty-year high school reunion. He was the 4th of five Kuehne kids, and was a great guy to know. Generous, loving, funny. The day of the CMHS Class of 1981 Reunion Picnic, which was the day after the CMHS Class of 1981 Twenty-Year Reunion, I stopped by the Kuehnes to tell them how much I wished Robby could have come to the reunion, and that I missed him. They told me stories about Robby for an hour or so, before I had to go home.
(Sunday 22-Jul-2001)

Mrs. Kuehne and Boo0709-02
Boo, the dog, is playing possum at Mrs. Kuehne's feet. The Kuehnes have lived in this house for more than forty years, and they appreciate the mild climate Costa Mesa enjoys. There's a pleasant off-shore breeze that circulates through town, so all you have to do is open your windows for cross-ventilation. I wish we had that kind of thing up in Anaheim.
(Sunday 22-Jul-2001)