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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0701-10701-01 (lost: cmhs61.jpg)
Arleen Arimura. Arleen's memory book page says: "I'm happily married, no kids. My husband [Art Morgan], of nine years, is a high-tech professional. When I can, I travel with him on his business trips, which has given me the chance to see some of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. I'm still working for the City of San Jose promoting environmental programs, which is where I was working when we had our 10 year reunion."
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

0701-20701-02 (lost: cmhs62.jpg)
Jon Murata.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

0701-30701-03 (lost: cmhs63.jpg)
Audrey Pellicciotti Baker, Julie Nichols Bunker. Audrey's memory page says: "I graduated with a B.A. in Journalism/Advertising from CSU Fresno in 1985. From there, I moved to Alaska, and then migrated back to California and then on to Arizona in 1987, where I worked as a designer and graphics editor for the Arizona Republic. I met and married Eric Baker, an artist, in 1989. We moved to Colorado in the spring of 1991. While in Colorado, I worked as a freelance designed for the Denver Post and began an MBA program at the University of Colorado. In 1993 I entered Gonzaga Law School in Spokane, Washington, graduating summa cum laude in 1996. I returned to Colorado to practice commercial litigation and real estate law. In 1999 I accepted a position with the law firm of Snell & Wilmer and moved back to Arizona. I currently practice commercial finance law."
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

Julie's memory page says: "After attending ORU, I went to work for a company in Fullerton. I was transfered to Apple Valley, where I met my husband, Tony, on a blind date. We have now been married for 15 yrs. We were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Pacience, 6 yrs ago. I am fortunate to be a stay at home mom and enjoy it very much. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful husband and a healthy daughter and special friends and family."

0701-04, 0701-05 (lost: cmhs65.jpg), 0701-06 (lost: cmhs67.jpg).
Ladies on the dance floor.
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(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

0701-70701-07 (lost: cmhs66.jpg)
Katie Creely, Salvatore Longe. Katie's another of the nice ones I remember from middle/high school. Katie's memory book page says: "Got married had 3 kids moved to Yorba Linda, worked in banking -- was a personal trainer, got divorced, stay home mom working on an art collection and playing with horses." [Kids: Alexander, Ania, Madeline.]
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

0701-80701-08 (lost: cmhs68.jpg)
Julie Mezera Zavidniak, Nea (Virginia) Newell Tessers. Nea's memory book page says: "I have been married for 18 years to Frits Tessers. We have two sons [Brandon 16, Devin 14] and have been living in Utah for the past 11 years. I have been working for a computer company called CUSA Technologies as a Human Resource Generalist for the past 4 years. I keep busy with work and family. We enjoy traveling a lot as well as camping, sports, games, spending time with friends and being active in church."
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

0701-90701-09 (lost: cmhs69.jpg)
Paul Zavidniak, Julie Mezora Zavidniak.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

0701-100701-10 (lost: cmhs70.jpg)
Michelle Shorb Feit, Stephanie Darnell Laface. Michelle's memory book page says: "I'm just enjoying teaching young children and being a mom... My son is Brad. He is 10 years old."
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

Stephanie's memory book page says: "I have been married 15 years [to Chris], we have twin daughters [Kaylee and Nicole] 10 years old. I have been managing dental offices for the last 10 years. We are very active in our girls' basketball right now."

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