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Pictures recovered with help from Matthew Randolph.

0699-20699-02 (lost: cmhs42.jpg)
Greg Trueblood, Chanida Ayanaputra Trueblood. Chandia's memory book page says: "I got married in 1995 to a very special man. It was a very special wedding and fun!! We were married by Elvis and had showgirls in our wedding! Worked in many areas of marketing and advertising since 1990. Have a highschooler child now. Yikes!! I hope she won't put me through what I put my mother through."
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

0699-40699-04 (lost: cmhs44.jpg)
Bill Schaefer, Kathy Mollica Schaefer. Kathy's memory book page says: "Graduated from OCC and CSUF. Decided to pursue a career in the fire department -- back to school. Was hired with the City of Brea. Recently promoted to Captain/Paramedic. Met my husband on duty -- Fire Engineer/Paramedic. Won the American Gladiators -- my 15 minutes, had 2 wonderful children [Dalton 3 1/2, Lauren 2] and lost both parents. Enjoying life and having a good time renewing friendships from Mesa!"
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

0699-50699-05 (lost: cmhs45.jpg)
Duncan Millar. Another veteran from College Park, who lived on the same side of the housing tract as the Badens. (A lot closer to Fairview Road, though -- his house was on one of the cul-de-sacs that end with ped access to Fairview.)
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

0699-60699-06 (lost: cmhs46.jpg)
Roger Lackey. Word has it he started with tequila at 5:00 pm. By dinnertime he was barely standing up -- he was leaning against the dessert table to stay upright. We all fervently hoped he was staying overnight in the hotel.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

Roger's memory book page says: "Graduated from So.Cal.College with BA in business and got married in 1988 to Sharon. Moved from HB to Anaheim to Costa Mesa. Besides Sharon and work what I really love to do is play. I'm a kid who's never grown up. And a new hobby consumes me every 5 years or so. 1988-91 Surfing, 1991-98 RC Sailplanes, 1998-Present Saltwater Fishing .... and always Golf."

0699-70699-07 (lost: cmhs47.jpg)
Phil Bedell, Cathy Bedell.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

0699-80699-08 (lost: cmhs48.jpg)
Robyn Dague, Dana Dague. Dana's memory book page says: "Married for 5 years, 3 year old daughter [Maggie], worked for myself as general contractor for 10 years. I have raced everything from 3 wheelers, to go-carts, to motorcycles, to trucks -- basically anything with a motor."
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

0699-90699-09 (lost: cmhs49.jpg)
Chris Benner, Rebecca Benner. Chris Benner's memory book page says: "I played in punk rock bands from after high school, 'til about age 23, found the love of my life, got married 15 years ago, got into Jesus Christ, had 4 kids [Jeremy 10, Tessica 7, Annalise 5, Andrew 3], started surveying 12 years ago, bought a house 14 years ago, and just loving life and enjoying my family."
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

Shirley Grego Wreaks, Liz Grego Cody. Shirley's memory book page says: "I was married at age 18 for 10 years and had a beautiful daughter, Elizabeth (13). Two years later I married "Chip" and we had three children, Mia (7), Karlie (5), and Frankie (4). When I was pregnant with our last child I quit my job at a mutual fund company, which I worked at for 15 years. I now love staying home taking care of our wonderful children, along with attempting to keep the house clean. My twin sister and I are still best friends and talk daily. She lives in H.B. and I live in San Jose, Calif. My younger brother Robert lives in H.B. and we are buds too. I'll tell you more later at the reunion. See you then."
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

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