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Jim Slikker, Jon Crackel, Rick Franz. Jon was heard to say "It's weird how all of these people still act so much like...(long pause)...themselves."
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

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Jon Crackel, Lucy Crackel. Jon's memory book page says: "I moved to the northernmost coast of California when I was 25 years old. I completed my AA Degree, met my wife, bough a home, and started a business all in a few short years. My marriage and my business, Coastal Electric are now going on their 8th year, and so is our dog. We are pregnant with our first child which will be a girl [Tamia]... pretty exciting."
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

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Cathy Slikker, Jim Slikker. Jim's memory book page says: "I graduated the Sheriff's academy in 1984 and patrolled most of the cities in north and south Orange County. I have been on the Dive Team and Swift Water Rescue Team since 1989. I teach Defibrillator training as well as CPR and First Aid. I start Paramedic training in August. I am currently assigned to the Harbor Patrol in Newport Beach. Our job is mostly Fire/Rescure and boating enforcement. I got married in 1992 and have lived in Mission Viejo since." Kids: Drew, Jenna.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

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Kimberly Franz, Rick Franz.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

0698-05, 0698-06 (lost: cmhs36.jpg).
Theresa Flores Pauli. She told us how nobody noticed her in high school and afterwards resolved to enjoy life to the full, and she surfs and skis and has a grand old time. She was the one person I most wish had submitted a page in the reunion memory book, because I'd like to get to know her better... I have a few friends who I think she'd like, and a few others who might learn something from her.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

0698-07 (lost: cmhs37.jpg), 0698-08 (lost: cmhs38.jpg).
Steven Carlson. Steve -- buddy from elementary school. My memory seems to have compressed or expanded my 5th grade experience, and classmates, to stretch all the way back to Kindergarten at the same school (College Park), so I was surprised when Steve recently told me that his family had moved to College Park in time for him to join us in 4th grade.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

College Park was the name of the 1/2 mile by 1 mile housing tract we all lived in, which the school had been named or actually renamed after. The Kuehnes moved to College Park in 1959, five years before the Badens, before the developments had all been built out -- in fact they had to wait for their house to be finished. At that time the elementary school had been named Fairview School, but there was a lot of mail mixed up between them and Fairview State Hospital, just down the street where Fair Drive dead-ends into Harbor Blvd. Once upon a time, before Costa Mesa incorporated, there had been various communities called Fairview, Goat Hill, and Paularino which were absorbed into the city when it incorporated in 1953. But I digress.

Steve's memory book page says: "I've been fortunate. I have a loving family and good, caring friends. I've indulged my passion for travel, and built a career as an online personality and moderator in the European technology industry. I've made an effort to get back in touch with a few old high school friends, and I've enjoyed the contact. Feel free to get in touch by e-mail." [Partner is Slavica Pilac, daughter is Hanna Carlson.]

Dan Newman. His badge listed him as "Daniel" and people kept addressing him as "David" during the night. Dan's one of the people I cherish from my school days -- mostly from the Computer Center days, he's a computer programmer too. He has a doctorate in mathematics (something they all thought I'd get), he recently sold his software company for a wheelbarrow full of money -- and he's always had a wicked sense of humor. He's not far away, either -- his office is next door to one of my employer's customers. And it looks like fatherhood agrees with him.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

During the reunion, I went around taking pictures, trying to get everyone. As I took a photo, I would put a little sticker on the badge of my subject, so I could keep track of who I'd shot. Dan went around later and told people they were supposed to take the stickers off at 9 o'clock...

Dan's memory book page says: "Founded Innosoft International, Inc. in 1987 (made it into the Inc. 500 and LA's Fastest lists a couple of times each until we grew too large to be considered); married my wife Kristin in 1989; received a Ph.D. in Mathematics in 1990; first daughter Laurel born in 1999; sold Innosoft to Sun Microsystems, Inc. in 2000 (before the market tumbled -- good timing); second daughter Georgia born in 2001. I'm now shackled at Sun with golden handcuffs for the next few years, but I'm determined to take it easy this decade, enjoying raising my two daughters."

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Scott Yuen. His memory book page says: "Drums, college, marriage, police academy, law enforcement, rodeo, met bull, met Jesus, kids, retired quit rodeo, kept Jesus, house, mini van, guitar and more drums."
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

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