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Julie McAllister Simkins. Julie, you were always cute and petite... but I don't remember you being this thin. I hope you stay healthy.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

Linda Maul Rau. Linda's memory book page says: "After graduating in '87 from CSU Long Beach with a BS in Finance, I moved to Munich, Germany and worked as a financial analyst at Siemens. I married my husband, Thomas, in '92. We have been back in SoCal for 6 years. I work part-time and am busy with the kids [Natalie 8, Monica 6, Josef 1 1/2]."
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

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Valerie Grady.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

Roberto Jara. He's known as Bert now, but he'll always be Roberto to me (roe-bear-toe hah-rah, how hard is that?). Playing with G.I. Joes at his house in our elementary school years. Getting used to low-fat milk at his house. Occasionally swimming in the pool. Doting on his younger sisters Lisa and Lillian.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

Young sisters brought out my uncle-like tendencies. (I used to daydream about being a rich uncle, but my siblings haven't had any kids for me to step into that role.) Maybe it's because I had two older sisters. Maybe it's because younger siblings will be more interested in playing with you than the older siblings? Anyhow, I remember being nice to Roberto's and Steve's little sisters when I was a boy.

Bert's memory book page says: "I was youth pastor in Coopersville, MI from 1992-1998. From 1999 to 2001 I was pastor of Church of the Rockies in Denver. In Colorado we have enjoyed skiing places like Vail and Keystone and climbing several 14,000 foot peaks. This summer we move to Michigan to start a new church... Married to Jackie in 1985, Cori (girl - 12), Matthew 11, Daniel 7."

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Mary Nebrig Hoover, Mark Hoover.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

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Kari Werner Crawford, Gary Crawford. Kari's memory book page says: "I have been an elementary school teacher (grades 1st through 3rd) for 15 years. I was married to a wonderful man for 5 1/2 years, and he unexpectedly died from melanoma cancer. We lived on a 41 ft. sailboat for 1 1/2 years in Huntington Harbor. Recently, I met an incredible man -- now my new husband -- Gary! (As of May 19th) We enjoy hiking, kayaking and scuba diving, and the theatre. We are looking forward to our August honeymoon in Jamaica!"
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

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Yolette Gomez.
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

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Diana Greatorex Moore, Heidi Scheid. Two more girls I was dimly aware of at CMHS. Diana's badge said "Dee Dee," I don't know why. Diana's memory book page says: "I married the man [Lane] I dated for 12 years! We have been married for 8 and have 2 beautiful daughters [Amanda, Courtney]. I feel blessed to be a "stay-at-home" mom. We live in Halecrest (the same tract I grew up in) and love it. Our neighborhood is filled with young kids."
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

Heidi's memory book page says: "Hmmm... this is a tough one... well, I graduated from USC in 1985, got a job as a boring, underpaid internal auditor, left after 1 year to move to Houston (I was insane), hated Houston but found myself a great boyfriend so it wasn't all bad, made my boyfriend (now my husband [Pete Pugnale]) move to Manhattan Beach with me, got married in 1988 on the night Kirk Gibson his his unbelievable home run to win game 1 of the World Series (my husband will NEVER forgive me for missing that), had 1 child [Siena 9]... then a 2nd child [Cooper 7]... then a 3rd child [Owen 1 1/2]... there will not be a 4th child, I can assure you of that... hey, Kathy, you should've given me more room... I still have lots more..."

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Bennett Swift. His memory page says: "Moved to Idaho in 1983. Went to Boise State Univ. Bartended for 11 yrs. and then became a sheet metal worker. Have been married for 5 yrs. and have a 20 lb. cat named Spike. Sue [Suzanne Swift] and I are looking forward to seeing everyone this summer."
(Saturday 21-Jul-2001)

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