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Mom and Dad are culling their books. They've lived in the same house since 1964 and have quite a few of them - even a bunch that moved from New York with them. We all got together and picked through hundreds of books that Dad's picked to give away. At a future date, we'll do it all again with the ones that Mom chooses to cull.

Lynn Baden, Maria Rodriguez, Dorothy Bullard.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2001)

0694-20694-02 (lost: baden27.jpg)
Elaine Baden.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2001)

0694-30694-03 (lost: baden28.jpg)
Bob Bullard.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2001)

0694-40694-04 (lost: baden29.jpg)
(Sunday 15-Jul-2001)

0694-50694-05 (lost: baden30.jpg)
Thomas and Johnna B.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2001)

0694-60694-06 (lost: baden31.jpg)
Jocelyn Baden, Dorothy Bullard.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2001)

0694-70694-07 (lost: baden32.jpg)
Wil Baden.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2001)

0694-80694-08 (lost: baden33.jpg)
Chaz Boston Baden.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2001)

0694-90694-09 (lost: baden34.jpg)
Lynn Baden, Thomas, looking over the books.
(Sunday 15-Jul-2001)

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