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While my father was in the hospital, I visited him almost every day. A few miscellaneous things caught my eye.

0685-10685-01 (lost: hoag57.jpg)
Pipes on the floor. Hoag Hospital was undergoing construction at the time of our visit.
(Tuesday 24-Apr-2001)

0685-20685-02 (lost: hoag63.jpg)
An electric wall. Note the cable comes out of the wall on the right, and plugs into the outlet on the left.
(Saturday 28-Apr-2001)

0685-30685-03 (lost: hoag66.jpg)
A door into the wall. This is not a wheelchair-accessible doorway. In fact, a week or so later, this door was blocked by a construction crew's plastic-wrapped ventilation thingie.
(Sunday 29-Apr-2001)

0685-04 (lost: hoag53.jpg), 0685-05.
Henry 'N Harrys Goat Hill Tavern, in Costa Mesa. My father signs his "Neil Bawd" e-mails with a location of "Goat Hill" instead of Costa Mesa.
(Tuesday 17-Apr-2001)

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